3 Considerations when Choosing a Trademark

Dec 15, 2016

Basically, a trademark could be a business’s identification. A trademark serves to distinguish a business brandand can be created with words, symbols, and images. A trademark lawyer will often help their clients in choosing legally enforceable trademarks, filing the proper applications and maintenance documentation, and defending the trademark. Trademarks can be registered at the federal and state levels, as well as internationally. Besides helping to guide clients with trademark selection, trademark attorneys also help identify the best international classes for registration. 

Trademarks can play an important role both for entrepreneurs and consumers. Entrepreneurs could strengthen their market base through creating effective marketing strategies, and consumers could build their trust to the business and their confidence on the quality of goods and services by recognizing the accuracy of labels and product information. Because trademarks could impact the overall operations of a particular business, entrepreneurs should carefully plan their ideas and approaches in branding their products.

In planning for a business’s trademark, it may be helpful to consider the following:

  (1)What do I want to convey to the market?

  (2)Which trademark type should I use?

  (3)What are the potential conflicts of choosing a particular trademark?

Trademarks could have a high enterprise value for a business which could be a significant asset in the long run. Weak trademarks could result to damages to the business—marketing problems, vulnerability to lawsuits, and even unexpected costs. Because trademarks involve the complex field of intellectual property laws and other relevant legal arenas, it can be helpful for entrepreneurs, especially those planning for startups, to seek legal assistance from a trademark attorney about the best ways to choose and protect their brand.

Heliane Fabian