Autodesk audit: small companies are in-scope

Nov 04, 2019

When small companies acquire software, owners can sometimes feel like obtaining one license from a friend, a trade show. or from some other non-authorized dealer like a torrent site will not be something that a large software publisher would never discover or pursue.  However, Autodesk has been known to send audit letters to companies that have only one installation. Often times, Autodesk audit letters are issued by an attorney retained by Autodesk with content about high potential damages and the threat of litigation. Companies that receive an Autodesk audit letter should consult a software audit lawyer immediately upon receipt.


A lawyer experienced in software audit matters can help their clients navigate the audit process efficiently. A small company may think that having only one installation would not be worth it for Autodesk to hire an attorney to pursue a claim against such a small company, but it does, and it will. Accordingly, small businesses should take the same approach and retain an attorney even if the stakes seem small. Autodesk realizes that the stakes are high, and so should a small or single-owner business. An experienced software audit attorney can often help a client negotiate a settlement that will not only offset more than the cost of counsel. More importantly, even if a business was able to negotiate a fair settlement amount, they may find that negotiating a fair settlement agreement to be much more complex. There can be terms and conditions that impact the past, present, and future transactions of the business.


Small companies that have only a few installations or even only one installation can still be on Autodesk’s radar. Consulting with an experienced software audit lawyer can help a business avoid pitfalls of the entire audit process. An audit attorney can help protect the interest of the business, manage communications, negotiate a fair settlement amount and terms, and put a client’s mind at ease while navigating Autodesk’s aggressive audit tactics.