BSA audit trade association hopes to mold Trump's tech agenda

Nov 11, 2016

The BSA, the organization notorious for sending BSA audit notices is apparently looking to capitalize on the lack of a publicly mentioned technology agenda. Our BSA audit lawyers keep a close watch on the activities surrounding the BSA because the trade association is notorious for using aggressive tactics against small businesses to demand monetary settlements for alleged software copyright infringement.

According to an article written by Michaela Ross of BNA published HERE, the BSA said on November 9 that the BSA hopes to help mold Trump’s tech priorities. 

While we are waiting to see how Trump’s policy affects the tech industry, the BSA will likely continue to send BSA audit letters to pressure businesses into settlements. When receiving a BSA audit notice, it can be helpful to contact a BSA audit attorney for advice and aggressive defense to protect the rights of the business through the audit process.


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