What is an Autodesk Audit

Oct 20, 2016

Autodesk makes software products and is probably best known for the variations of AutoCAD. Its software is used heavily in the engineering, architecture, and industrial industries. Generally, when installing the software, there is a clickwrap agreement that must be accepted before using the application. If a master or enterprise agreement has not been separately negotiated, then the user will have agreed to the terms and conditions that strongly favor Autodesk.

The license agreement discusses its rights for auditing the use of its software by its customers. These rights can be broad and onerous. For example, Autodesk may be able to inspect its Licensee’s records, systems and facilities. This can go far beyond an audit of software installations. Additionally, users likely agreed to provide “full cooperation” to assist Autodesk in its audit efforts. 

An Autodesk audit can be demanded directly by Autodesk or through a software trade association such as the Business Software Alliance or BSA. Whether through a BSA audit or a direct Autodesk audit, a company will be forced to prove that it is entitled to use the software installed on its systems.

An Autodesk audit demand can be intimidating and intrusive. Engaging legal counsel to assist with an Autodesk audit can help ensure that the audit is conducted in conformance with the agreement while protecting the company’s rights and legal position as well.