What is the BSA | The Software Alliance

Jul 13, 2016

The BSA | The Software Alliance can be described as a private enforcer of copyrights for the mass market software industry. The members are among the largest software companies in the world. The purpose of the BSA can be dramatically different depending on who is asked.

The BSA as an anti-piracy organization

The BSA and its members could say that it is an organization that advocates for the software industry. It is there to protect software companies and promote innovation. It is there to bring sunshine and rainbows to all that use software. When looking at the website: www.bsa.org. one has to wonder why the members listed here need a third-party that is insignificant in comparison to advocate on behalf of such an impressive list of companies.

The BSA as a scam

Others may have a different perspective. Small businesses that are actually innovating, creating jobs, and often working with tight budgets that are contacted by the BSA via a letter demanding an audit or face serious consequences could provide their own opinions. Receiving a threatening demand likely to result in unexpected time and expense is not typically how a business expects to be treated by its software vendors. 

Although BSA audit demands could be viewed a scams because of the settlements the BSA seeks, its basis for an audit is most likely legitimate. However, the basis of calculating damages could be controversial. 

Businesses confronted with a BSA software audit, or an audit by any other software anti-piracy advocate can benefit from contacting an attorney who is prepared to advocate for the end users by assisting with the audit process and working toward a settlement, if necessary.

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