What can a cyber attorney do for my business?

Dec 12, 2015

In the age of constant public network intrusions by hacker organizations, companies are starting to seek out cyber attorneys for guidance. Unfortunately, many companies may be reluctant to contact a cyber attorney because of the unfamiliar or highly technical subject matter. Also, it may not be clear what to ask for or to know how a cyber attorney can help.  Here are a few ways a cyber attorney can assist a company: 

Before an attack 

  1. Draft and review incident response plans

  2. Review contracts with suppliers for cybersecurity risks

  3. Assist with cybersecurity insurance

  4. Draft and enforce employment agreements

  5. Draft and review internal policies (e.g. Social media policy)


After an attack

  1. Data breach response

  2. Coordinate investigations

  3. Advise on compliance with federal, state and local regulations

  4. Act as a liaison between government authorities

  5. Draft public relations communications 

It would be rare for a company to be completely immune from an attack on its information. Even companies that use little technology most likely use vendors that capture and store its private information. An attorney experienced in cybersecurity matters will be able to uncover issues, explain issues in plain English, and assist companies with little IT experience.