Cybersecurity Vendor Agreements

Implementation of hardware and software to protect a company from a cyber-attack can be an expensive and time-consuming. Working with multiple suppliers to acquire information security services is inevitable. The agreements proposed by technology companies often contain unfavorable terms that can have a lasting impact on the buyer.

Kirkpatrick Law is experienced in drafting, reviewing, and negotiating cybersecurity vendor agreements. We can help a business understand the business and legal issues, propose alternative language more favorable to the business, and aid in the negotiation, if necessary. The money spent for legal counsel experienced with technology agreements may be far less than the potential costs resulting from business and legal risks inherent in a non-negotiated technology agreement.

Finding cost-effective legal counsel with technology experience can be tough. Client's have come to Kirkpatrick Law because their current attorneys are charging $400 - $600 per hour for experience technology legal counsel. Kirkpatrick Law is interested in running an effecient and technologically advanced legal practice that keeps overhead low, while passing on the savings to its clients. 

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