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Financial companies are required under privacy laws to implement an information security program. Additionally, businesses that collect, use, and store information from financial companies, such as companies that use credit reports of their customers or prospects are required by the financial institutions to have a legally complaint information security program as well. Our attorneys can help design or review an information security program to comply with regulatory requirements.

Businesses of all types are integrating an information security program in to their company because customers are starting to recognize the need for cyber security and demand privacy of their data, even if not required by law. At Kirkpatrick Law, our information security program lawyers believe that every company is, or is becomming, a technology company. Nearly every company has a website, transacts over the internet, stores data, processes electronic payments, etc.

Our information security program attorneys can tailor an information security program to meet the needs of a business while helping to ensure that it complies with federal and state privacy laws. Many companies choose to include a copy of its information security program as an addendum to their sales agreement to demonstrate that information privacy and security is taken seriously.

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