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Software publishers like Autodesk can use very aggressive tactics when demanding an audit. Representation by a technology attorney can dramatically change the outcome of an audit by assisting in analyzing license agreements, property reporting audit results, and if necessary, negotiating settlement terms.

Small businesses are frequently targeted by major software publishers such as Autodesk. Unfortunately, many unsuspecting businesses think that the larger businesses are primarily subjected to software audits and the smaller businesses are not work a publishers time. The fact is that any business can be a target.

If any deficiencies are discovered during the audit, Autodesk is likely to demand that the business purchase software and pay steep penalties for infringing on the copyrights of the publisher. Analyzing the license agreements, completing an accurate network scan, and negotiating a settlement are all tasks that can be handled by an experienced technology attorney. 

Ignoring an audit demand can be disastrous because the publisher will likely file a lawsuit against the business for copyright infringement. Defense of such lawsuit could involve substantially more time and expence than had the business complied with the audit demand.

Kirkpatrick Law understands that autodesk audits can cause a business to suffer, so we deliver cost-effective representation with a focus on resolving the matter quickly while defending the interests of our clients.

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