BSA Audit

Did you receive a letter from a lawyer representing the BSA demanding an audit and threatening a potential federal copyright infringement lawsuit? STOP! Do not remove the software or purchase and install new software in an attempt to resolve the problem. The Business Software Alliance (BSA) is a software industry trade group that enforces the software company's copyrights. Our BSA audit lawyers can help.

Ignoring the BSA audit letter will only force the BSA to take more agressive tactics. The BSA audit request from the BSA may be justified according to the license agreement that was agreed upon when specific software was installed. The BSA also relies on evidence from whistleblowers inside of companies such as disgruntled or former employees.

Hiring a BSA audit lawyer to coordinte the audit process can help ensure that the proper steps are taken to protect the audit findings, reconcile any gaps between installations and licenses, assist with obtaining proof of valid licenses, and responding to the BSA.

Kirkpatrick Law can provide cost-effective representation, BSA audit defense and an efficient process to resolve a BSA audit matter with the BSA.

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