Kirkpatrick Law PC is serious about protecting your personal, nonpublic information. Technology attorneys own and operate this website with a commitment to privacy and information security for the firm’s current client’s, former client’s, and website visitor’s.  Kirkpatrick Law PC reserves the right to revise this policy to address changes in rules that affect the law firm or its attorneys, or to address changes in the operations of the law firm.

Notice to Current and Former Clients

Kirkpatrick Law PC follows the non-disclosure rules imposed by the attorney-client privilege and other applicable professional standards and rules of ethics. Kirkpatrick Law PC will only disclose non-public personal information of its clients or former clients to third parties resulting from future reorganizations of the Kirkpatrick Law PC firm as discussed below or either as required by law or as authorized by the current or former client. Accordingly,  Kirkpatrick Law PC maintains physical, technological, and procedural safeguards that comply with the firm’s legal and ethical obligations.

Future Reorganizations

Kirkpatrick Law PC may disclose personally identifiable information of its clients in the event of a firm reorganization (e.g. merger) in accordance with the applicable professional standards and rules of ethics. 

Internet and E-mail Transmissions

Communicating with  Kirkpatrick Law PC through an unencrypted internet portal (e.g., the “Contact” form located at or via e-mail carries inherent risks that such communications may be intercepted and inadvertently disclosed.  Kirkpatrick Law PC discourages transmitting any personal, nonpublic, confidential, sensitive, or proprietary information over an insecure or unencrypted network.  Kirkpatrick Law PC offers and encourages secure and encrypted means to transmit data, especially in matters concerning potential litigation, intellectual property, settlements, and financial transactions. Use of e-mail should be limited to communicating general information (e.g., scheduling conferences). However, if a person chooses to communicate with  Kirkpatrick Law PC via unencrypted Internet transmissions or unencrypted e-mail, such transmission may be deemed as a breach of the attorney-client privilege, and  Kirkpatrick Law PC will consider such transmission as the client’s acceptance of the risks of disclosure.


Kirkpatrick Law PC will provide answers to questions regarding this law firm’s privacy and information security by contacting:

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