Colocation Service Agreements

Colocation services allow IT businesses, such as managed service providers, to utilize the benefits of a shared data center. With the considerable benefits of colocating, there are significant legal issues to consider. Our colocation service agreement lawyers can help.

Colocation can offer small and medium business a server room for offsite replication or even secondary operations. Using these facilities for the purpose of disaster recovery can be safe, secure, and cost-effective way for businesses to outsource the facilities management while using its own equipment.

Colocation agreement attorneys can address legal issues that arise in the IT space, as well as with conventional property law. Determing whether the space is rented, leased, shared, and so-on can affect the rights of the parties access to the equipment. Colocation agreements may contain subtle nuances that can have a significant impact in the event of a default by either party.

Using a colocation agreement lawyer to draft, review, or negotiate a colocation agreement can help bring important issues to the surface and document key terms in an agreement. The attorneys at Kirkpatrick Law have experience in assisting data center owners and businesses using data center colocation services.

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