Managed Service Providers (MSP)

Our MSP lawyers assists managed service providers and the customers utilizing these services. Managed service providers can benefit from offering their clients business-friendly agreements to protect themselves while making it easy for clients to do business with a MSP.

Managed services is a competitive business with lots of choices for small and medium businesses. With pricing margins relatively tight, an easy way to close business with new clients is to make it easier to do business. Managed Service Provider attorneys can provide MSPs with updated service agreements tailored to the needs of the MSP that can actually help the MSP make a better first impression. Removing objectionable terms where the MSP is likely to conceed on anyway can shorten cycle time to close business. Using an attorney to review and update current service agreements or draft new agreements can help a service provider ensure that their agreements are consistent with current law and client expectations among competitors.

Businesses using managed services can benefit from using an attorney to address legal issues in service agreements by proposing alternative language or explaining important legal concepts. An experienced MSP lawyer can help a business ensure that terms and conditions that are commonly used in the industry are consistent with the agreement, or explain what might may be missing from an agreement, and discuss the importance of the missing terms.

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