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The software development lawyers at Kirkpatrick Law have worked with developers and their clients of a variety of web, cloud, and mobile applications. Developers can benefit from using an attorney to draft plain-language agreements for their clients to reduce friction and reduce cycle time in closing business while still protecting their interests. Businesses can benefit by ensuring that the terms and conditions in an agreement set the proper obligations and are consistent with current technology standards.

Software development attorneys can draft simple, yet comprehensive agreements help entrepreneurs sell their products and services. Enterprise companies demand that many terms and conditions are covered and drafted to the satisfaction of the enterprise. Using agreements that are not comprehensive can result in an enterprise demanding to use its own contracts, which can be one-sided and require more review and editing than starting with an agreement that covers both parties individual and mutual interests.

Kirkpatrick Law represents software developers to draft comprehensive agreements written in plain English. When required, it will also review, revise, and negotiate agreements proposed by their clients with the same business friendly focus.

Kirkpatrick Law repressents businesses that need to develop applications, do not have the internal expertise, and need to outsource the work. Kirkpatrick Law can help ensure that the contracts will properly allocate and mitigate risks based on the project.

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