Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Software as a Service (SaaS) or cloud services are becoming more common as software publishers move to subscription models. SaaS can be confusing because of the misuse of terms such as "hosted solution," "cloud offering," "subscription service," and even variations of licenses in the cloud. Our SaaS lawyers can help uncover the nature of the deal and mitigate inherent contract risk.

The SaaS attorneys at Kirkpatrick Law have drafted, reviewed, and negotiated hundreds of technology service agreements with small business up though enterprise level companies. No one SaaS agreements seems to be alike as each service provider uses some variation of terms to differentiate their products and services, while their legal departments have varying levels of technical understanding of how SaaS works.

Our Software as a Service lawyers bring both legal and technological expertise to the table as our founder has negotiated hunderds of SaaS agreements at a Fortune 5 technology company. He has also presented Continuing Legal Education programs and published several writings on the subject of SaaS.

SaaS publishers and their customers can benefit from using an experienced SaaS lawyer to navigate the technical and legal issues of drafting and negotiating SaaS agreements.

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