Website Design Agreements

Websites are a blend of art and function. A website can serve many purposes, but it is always a representation of a business. Designers have to set the proper expectations to complete the design process. Clients need to know what will be expected of each party during (and after) the design process. An experienced website design agreement lawyer can draft a comprehensive web design agreement that should be the first step in a website endeavor for the designer and the client.

A website design agreement attorney can provide a comprehensive web design contract as a means to provide a great customer experience. Designers can use the contract to illustrate their professionalism while limiting their liability. Customers can use the contract as a roadmap for the process and to hold the desiger accountable for delivering as promised.

A website design contract attorney experienced in drafting, reviewing, and negotiating web design agreements can assist designers and businesses with engaging in an agreement that will protect their interest. If a designer insists on using their contract with no revisions, then a careful review by an attorney can help a business client identify and understand the risks of the agreement so the agreement can be entered with eyes wide open.

There are many legal and business aspects to a website design agreement. The agreement should be tailored to the needs of the designer and the designer's clients. An agreement that is too short can appear unprofessional, leave out important protections, and leave a client guessing their obligations during the process. An agreement that is too long can be intimidating, discourage business, or unnecessarily prolong negotiations of inappropriate terms. A tailored agreement can actually be used as a marketing piece as well as a device to protect the parties in a website design transaction.

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